5 Baby Gift Ideas for Repeat Moms (under $30)

If you have a friend or family member in your life that is expecting but already has child(ren) you may be wanting to get her a little something to let her know you are excited about the little one coming but are not sure what she already has and doesn’t have. There are a few moms that discard everything once a baby reaches toddlerhood and just repurchase needed items if they have another child. For the most part, however, that is very uncommon. Most moms hang onto baby items until they are sure they absolutely won’t be needed later. This is especially common for generic/gender neutral items such as blankets and high ticket items such as cribs and swings.

Showing the sweet sentiment, that you remembered an expectant mom is a great idea but no one wants to give someone an unneeded gift. If you are looking for some quick and inexpensive ideas for a gift and not sure where to start, here are some ideas for you to consider! All pictures are clickable and will direct you to the amazon page where these items can be purchased! (Affiliate Link)

Breastmilk Bags

Many women either work outside of the home or will need to be away from their baby at some point. Breastmilk bags are one of the most common items purchased by new moms but are often an overlooked gift idea. When returning to work after my maternity leave, I used an average of 4 bags per day, while away from my daughter. Many moms like the Lansinoh brand bags because they are more sturdy and have less leaks than many other brands and hold 6 oz. milk. Many brands only hold 4-5 oz.

Organic Baby Wash/Shampoo

Organic baby wash/shampoo is a great idea for any mom. Even if you are purchasing a gift for a mom who isn’t into organic products, it is still a great gift because these products are usually hypoallergenic and good for baby’s with sensitive skin. You never know if the baby will have sensitive skin or baby eczema and you don’t want to buy a product that could cause the little one to get a rash, etc. Even if the new momma gets baby wash/shampoo from others, believe me it all gets used eventually. Purchasing a wash that has a quick and easy pump will be a gift that will have mom remembering you for months!

Baby Wipes

A case of wipes is an awesome gift for a new mom. Getting diapers can be a little tricky because you don’t know what sizes she has already gotten or maybe she is a crunchy mom (like me) and only uses cloth diapers. Some moms only use organic diapers or a certain brand of diaper they like. I tend to go for the diaper wipes. Heres why: they are one-size, you can buy natural/organic versions, and most cloth diaper mommas at least use them in their diaper bags, when they will be away from home. Most important reason they are a great gift is that moms are always running out of these and it is great to have a case in the closet! This something that almost every mother uses!

Baby Detergent

I have to admit before I had my daughter I thought only crazy people would buy baby detergent. It is so pricey and there are many other natural, non-toxic cheaper detergents. However, after I had my baby I saw why I needed this product. Baby detergents are specially formulated to breakup baby specific stains and odors, such as breastmilk. After literally all of my clothes and her clothes started smelling like old breastmilk, I broke down and bought baby detergent and have been buying it ever since. It is just much better at getting organic stains (breastmilk, baby food, poop) and odors out of baby clothes (and mom’s shifts and nursing bras) than traditional detergent.

Gift Cards

When you are either pressed for time, live long distance from the expectant mother, or you want her to be able to pick out a gift for herself, gift cards are a great option. I love the Amazon gift cards because Amazon has thousands of baby and mom items. The other reason I love this option is because you get free one-day shipping to the person’s house, you get to choose from a variety of cute card holders, and you can pick whatever budget is right for you!

If you are looking for a gift for a momma in your life, I hope I have given you some gifts ideas that may be able to help you. Have a blessed day!

Kimily Kendrick

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