About me


This is Kimily Kendrick. I am an entrepreneur and a writer. I only began pursuing my dream of writing about one year ago but have loved sharing my voice with the world. I graduated with my degree in nursing in 2006 and have been working in that profession since then. I have learned many lessons in that field but am now focusing my efforts on my love of writing.

My passions are spending time with my family, traveling, cooking/baking and learning about personal finance. I have only been to Europe one time but am desperate to go again and see more!!! My idea of a dream vacation would be going to Paris, renting an apartment there and experiencing the real Parisian life.

Another thing I enjoy is developing my own recipes, for my husband and family. They don’t always come out right the first time but after a little tweaking, we always enjoy them in the end! Would love to hear from any of you! Visit my contact page anytime and drop me a line!

Happy journeys,

Kimily Kendrick

Kimily Kendrick Rome, Italy

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