Overwhelmed Momma turned Grateful Child!

Most days I have a super positive attitude. I take what happens in stride and am notorious for saying “well, it is what it is.” Today I feel a little different thought. My day has just been a little, no MAJOR crazy. A feeling a bit frazzled. Nothing seems to be going right. It started a 5 a.m. when I got up to help my husband get ready for work. My daughter never made it to her own bed last night and when I got up I moved her to her bed. Feeling a little sick at my stomach, I stumbled into the kitchen and started making breakfast while simultaneously packing my husbands lunch. I kept feeling worse and worse and told my husband he would have to take over cooking.

Getting home last night after a 12 hour shift and a 2 hour hour round trip commute to work, we just ate dinner and crawled in bed afterwards. We actually enjoyed a lovely dinner at olive garden but by the time we drove there, ate dinner, and drove home it was around 10 or 10:30 p.m. I prefer to enjoy the evening a little after dinner before going to bed but with my commute (and our need to eat!) we just don’t have much time left when I get home.

I had the whole day planned today. I would get up early, get my husband out the door, get my whole house cleaned, do laundry, wash dishes, and write a blog post. I usually have my M-F post up by 9 a.m. and as you can see it is already lunch time. Well, back to this morning… Shortly after getting up and my post-late-night-dinner-nausea what do I see but my 18 month old toddling into the living, looking as beautiful as a daisy with her hair sticking out everywhere!

Now let me just say, I always love seeing her sweet face and I miss her when she is napping or still asleep, but there are only 2 times a day when I can guarantee getting something done. The 1st time is when I wake up before her. There is usually about a 3 hours window of time while she is still asleep that I can have a devotional, read the Bible, write a article, and either read a little or clean house. My next window of time is about 2 p.m. when she takes a nap. In between those times I am following the hurricane that is my sweet girl and picking up her trail of destruction. We are working on learning obedience but she is only 18 months old.

Needless to say she never went back to sleep and I haven’t gotten to have my morning routine. I have been picking up behind her while attempting to catch up with the dishes and laundry. A new box of Kleenex all of the floor. Check. Newspaper ripped up into tiny bits in the living room floor. Check. So far keeping up with her and doing a few loads of laundry and dishes is all I have been able to do. I have been mentally beating myself up all morning because my house is a mess and it isn’t getting clean any too fast. I take a break to feed my daughter her lunch. I have been feeding her for several minutes and she starts to gag…

Oh no please don’t throw up!..To late, she has thrown up her entire lunch and milk. I scramble to try to clean her up and keep her calm. I feel so bad for her; she definitely has a hyper-gag reflex. Poor baby! As I clean the mess I start to feel despair and think I will never catch up today. Since I haven’t had time to have a devotional, meditate, or read for scriptural inspiration this morning I just skip straight to prayer and ask God to help me see the light at the end of the figurative tunnel which is this day!

As I sit down for a minute to regroup, I feel a voice in my head reminding me that there are women that would love to be living my exact day, taking care of their home and a sweet baby girl. I think of a coworker of mine that has been trying to have a baby for 7 years and has even lost 2 pregnancies. All of the sudden I feel the gratitude for the life I have and even the small problems that go along with it. I am not ungrateful for my life, I love my it! I just get overwhelmed sometimes. But taking out a moment for prayer, even when I don’t have time to open my Bible can spread a calm over me to suppress the overwhelm.

I realize if this house isn’t perfect at the end of the day, my husband will still love me. And as for my daughter’s lunch incident, I will just start over and feed my daughter lunch again. It isn’t the end of the world! Putting my life in perspective and thinking about what others around the world are dealing with I feel very superficial for stressing so much about my problems. OMG, I haven’t vacuumed the carpets by noon yet. Really? I have such a hard life! Just kidding.

After taking just a few minutes to talk to my Dad upstairs about my little, insignificant problems I already feel better. I am starting to feel a tiny seed of inspiration in my soul. I am no longer thinking about what can go wrong but what can still go right today. What started out as self pity turned into gratitude and inspiration. If you started your week on the wrong foot like I did try checking in with your Father upstairs today and see what he can do to improve your perspective!

God bless,

Kimily Kendrick

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